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In order to become a QQI Centre an application must be made to QQI. The application consists of 9 policies and 44 procedures, Each QQI centre will have the same 9 policies to follow, however each centre will have their own procedures. It is required for all persons working for HCT Ltd. to be aware of our QQI policies and procedures.

Please see list of Policies below:

Communication Policy

It is the policy of HCT Ltd. to ensure that suitable and effective Communication between Learners, Staff and Stakeholders is catered for. HCT Ltd. will ensure that communication is effective so that stakeholders have access to relevant, accurate and up to date information. With effective communication, prospective and current Learners can make informed choices, staff can maximise their effectiveness and management can plan in a strategic manner.

Communication Procedures:
  • Communication with Learners
  • Communication with Staff
  • Communication with Other Stakeholders

Equality Policy

It is the policy of HCT Ltd. to ensure that the highest standard of equality is practiced at all times in the area of employment and service provision and anti-harassment. In doing so, staff will be suitably trained in the area of equality and will be aware of issues relating to the topic.
HCT Ltd. will comply with legislation which prohibits discrimination under the following grounds: gender, marital status, age, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, disability, race and membership of the Traveller Community.

Equality Procedures:
  • Equality Training
  • Equality Planning

Staff Recruitment and Development Policy

It is the policy of HCT Ltd. to ensure that staff selected for the development and delivery of programmes and services are suitably qualified and that such staff have access to appropriate supports and further training when necessary. Hughes Consultancy and Training Limited has a systematic approach to the recruitment and further professional development of staff engaged in programme and service delivery.

Staff Recruitment and Development Procedures:
  • Staff Recruitment and Allocation
  • Staff Induction
  • Staff Development

Access, Transfer and Progression Policy

It is the policy of HCT Ltd. with regard to access, transfer and progression to enable learners to:
  • Make informed choices regarding programmes on offer
  • Enter onto a programme with recognition of prior learning and without unnecessary barriers
  • Successfully participate in a programme
  • Transfer or progress to another programme offered by the provider or other provider leading to an award within the national framework of qualifications if they wish to.
Access, Transfer and Progression Procedures:
  • Information Provisions
  • Learner Entry Arrangements
  • Recognition of Prior Learning
  • Facilitating Diversity

Programme Development, Delivery and Review Policy

It is the policy of HCT Ltd. incorporating its mission "to educate and advise accurately and honestly", to ensure that all members of staff involved in the development, delivery and review of programmes do so in a professional manner with a focus on fact based education of learners. In doing so, the needs of learners will be catered for in an honest and open manner.

Programme Development, Delivery and Review Procedures:
  • Need Identification
  • Programme Design
  • Programme Approval Pre Submission for Validation
  • Programme Planning
  • Programme Delivery
  • Learner Records
  • Provisions and Maintenance of Learning Facilities/ Resources
  • Health and Safety

Fair and Consistent Assessment of Learner’s Policy

It is the policy of HCT Ltd. to show commitment to carry out assessment so as to be:
  • Consistent with its mission
  • Valid for the purpose of QQI awards
  • Understood by staff and learners
  • Fair to learners, in terms of access and process
  • Internally verified as fair and consistent
  • Externally authenticated as consistent with national standards consistent with QQI assessment guidelines
Fair and Consistent Assessment of Learner’s Procedures:
  • Coordinated Planning of Assessment
  • Information to Learners
  • Security of Assessment Related Processes and Materials
  • Reasonable Accommodations
  • Consistency of Marking between Assessors
  • Assessment Performed by Third Parties
  • Authentication Process
  • Internal Verification
  • External Authentication
  • Feedback to Learners
  • Learner Appeals
  • Results Approval
  • Corrective Action

Protection for Learner’s Policy

It is the policy of HCT Ltd. to ensure appropriate arrangements are in place for the protection of all learners.
HCT Ltd. is subject to the terms of Section 43 of the Qualifications Act as it offers programmes of 3 months duration or more on a commercial basis and has arrangements in place should a programme cease unexpectedly.

Protection for Learner’s Procedure:
  • Cessation of Programmes

Sub-contracting/Procuring Programme Delivery Policy

HCT Ltd. may sub contract programme delivery.
It is the policy of HCT Ltd. to ensure responsibilities are clearly established. We will retain responsibility for the quality of programmes and will ensure learners are aware of HCT Ltd.’s ownership of and responsibility for programmes offered.

Sub-contracting/Procuring Programme Delivery Procedures:
  • Section of a Second Provider
  • Contract Arrangements
  • Reporting Arrangements
  • Monitoring Arrangements

Self Evaluation of Programmes and Services Policy

It is the policy of HCT Ltd. to show commitment to improvement through regular evaluation and assessment of programmes.

Self Evaluation of Programmes and Services Procedures:
  • Assignment of Responsibility
  • Frequency
  • Range
  • Learner Involvement
  • External Evaluator

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