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Horticulture and Landscaping

QQI accredited Programmes
Programme NameProgramme Outline
Agricultural Mechanics QQI Level 5, 5N1745
Boom Sprayer Pesticide Application QQI Level 5, 5N1797
Chainsaw Operations QQI Level 5, 5N3404
Communications QQI Level 4, 4N0689
Communications QQI Level 5, 5N0690
Establishing Ornamental Flowers QQI Level 4, 4N0662
Establishing Trees and Shrubs QQI Level 4, 4N0666
Felling and Processing Small Trees QQI Level 5, 5N3405
Hand Held Pesticide Application QQI Level 5, 5N0731
Handling and Distribution of Pesticides QQI Level 5, 5N2466
Hard Landscape Construction QQI Level 4, 4N0681
Horticultural Tools and Equipment QQI Level 4, 4N0683
Landscape Construction and Maintenance QQI Level 5, 5N1908
Mechanical Pesticide Application QQI Level 5, 5N20435
Operating Horticulture Equipment QQI Level 3, 3N0889
Outdoor Vegetable Crop Production QQI Level 3, 3N0890
Plant Identification QQI Level 3, 3N0568
Plant Identification, Care and Maintenance QQI Level 4, 4N1186
Plant Propagation QQI Level 3, 3N0569
Plant Protection QQI Level 5, 5N2546
Planting and Potting by Hand QQI Level 3, 3N0891
Safe Horticultural Practice QQI Level 4, 4N0719
Safety and Health at Work QQI Level 5, 5N1794
Soil Science and Growing Media QQI Level 5, 5N2530
Sports Surfaces Maintenance QQI Level 4, 4N2429
Work Experience QQI Level 4, 4N1168
Work Experience QQI Level 5, 5N1356
Workplace Safety QQI Level 4, 4N1124

Non QQI accredited Programmes
Programme NameProgramme Outline
CFR Community: Cardiac First Responders
FAR Refresher: First Aid Response Programme
FAR: First Aid Response Programme
Farm Safety
Health and Safety
Introduction to Pesticides
Lawn Mower and Strimmer
Manual Handling Certificate of Attendance
Risk Assessment Assessors Training
Tractor Safety
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