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Programme Details
Programme Name
Painting and Decorating QQI Level 3, 3N0562
Programme Code
Programme Aim
To provide learners with the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary for preparing and designing an area required to work and complete a range of painting decorating tasks. On completion participants will be capable of identifying and selecting the correct tools and materials necessary including thinners, printers, fillers, undercoats and varnishing to complete a range of painting and decorating tasks, while applying appropriate health, safety and personal hygiene procedures when painting or handling paper to include the correct storage of paint and other chemicals, ladders, trestles, brushes and tools.
3 - 4 Days
Credit Value
5 Credits
Plastering QQI Level 3N0571
Specific Entry/Access and Exemptions Requirements
There are no minimum entry requirements. Applicants will have the opportunity to advise of any special learning requirements on application/registration.
Painting and Decorating QQILevel 3
100% Skills Demonstration
Programme Content
  • Health and Safety in Painting and Decorating
  • PPE
  • Preparation and design
  • Setting up
  • Selecting the right tools and materials
  • Removal of old paints or wallpaper, cleaning and filling, sanding, prim-ing and staining
  • Painting and decorating a range of areas correctly
  • Clean up area and put equipment away correctly
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