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Programme Details
Programme Name
Establishing Trees and Shrubs QQI Level 4, 4N0666
Programme Code
Programme Aim
The aim of this programme is to equip learners with the knowledge, skill and competency to achieve a QQI Level 4 in Establishing Trees and Shrubs 4N0666. Throughout the programme learners will learn major factors the affect the soil suitability, identify common problems to include assessing plant quality, pest and diseases, this should on completion allow learners to prepare an area for planting including soil preparation, applying compost, manure and fertiliser. Learners will be able to plant a range of tress and shrubs correctly, training plants to grow, be able to water plants using a range of different methods, whiles maintaining to any health and safety issues.
4 Days
Credit Value
10 Credits
Horticulture, 4M1994
Specific Entry/Access and Exemptions Requirements
A learner seeking entry to a programme leading to awards at level 4 does not need a previous formal qualification. Some learners may have achieved some certification at level 3 and we would recommend they have life or work experience within the chosen programme sector.
QQI Level 4 in Establishing Trees and Shrubs
80% Skills Demonstration, 20% Exam
Programme Content
  • Soil Suitability
  • Single Dig
  • Preparing an area for planting
  • Applying compost manure and fertiliser
  • Planting tress and strubs
  • Training Plants
  • Watering plants
  • Identifying and treating common problems
  • Protecting newly planted tress and shrubs
  • Health and Safety
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