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Pesticide Training to meet the National Action Plan

The Sustainable Use Directive (SUD) has been introduce d to Ireland within the past year. This directive will affect all users of Pesticides (Herbicides, insecticides, fungicides etc).
Many Farmers, Landscapers and Pesticides Users have approached HCT and have asked some of the following questions:

1. Why has SUD being introduced and what is its purpose?
One of SUD’s main aims is to reduce the risk or danger of pesticide use on the environment and consequently on human health. SUD is strongly encouraging the use of Integrated pest management (IPM).

2. Does SUD affect everyone?
SUD will only affect professional users or distributors of pesticides. The four main areas the SUD was categorised is as follows:

A. Professional users
A professional user is anyone who uses Pesticides in a professional setting. These users may include farmers, landscapers, technicians, self employed individuals, green keepers etc

B. Distributors
A distributor of pesticide is any retail store who sells pesticide to the above professional users.

C. Advisors
Advisors advise professional users on pest management and the safe use of pesticides

D. Inspectors
All sprayers over 3 metres in Boom length will have to be tested by November 26 2016. This testing will be completed by independent testers.

3. I’m a professional user of pesticide, how do I become compliant with SUD?
In order to become compliant you must undergo training in pesticide application. HCT offer FETAC level 5 training courses for the
A. Tractor mounted/Trailed Boom sprayer or/and
B. Hand held Pesticide Applicator (Knapsack)
Once you have this training done you must register your details with the department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM).

4. I’m a Distributor of Pesticide, How do I become compliant with SUD?
A distributor of pesticide must undergo the FETAC Level 5 training programme ‘Handling and Distribution’ of pesticides. HCT is currently the only approved FETAC training centre to offer the ‘Handling and Distribution’ of pesticides. Once the Distributor has this training completed they can proceed to register with the DAFM.

5. How do I register with the DAFM?
There is now an online facility on the DAFM website where professional users and Distributors of pesticides can register their details to become compliant with SUD. Click the link below to get redirected to the DAFM’s website.

6. Where can I get this training done?
HCT operate on a nationwide basis. Courses are being set uo and orgainised on a daily basis. To book your place on one of our programmes or to find out more information contact us on 0567770761.

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