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Adult Learners outline priorities for Education and Training Boards

The establishment of sixteen new Education and Training Boards was the main focus of the AONTAS Annual General Meeting, which took place on the 15th May at the Ashling Hotel in Dublin. The Education and Training Boards will replace the existing 33 VECs (Vocational Education Committees) following the enactment of the Education and Training Boards Bill, which has already passed through both Houses of the Oireachtas.

At the meeting, four adults who had availed of education through the VEC system outlined their views on priorities for the new Education and Training Boards. More adult guidance, better course choices and childcare support were three of the issues raised by adult learners during this discussion. Over 90 delegates attended the meeting, representing a number of roles within the existing VECs.

The establishment of ETBs comes at a challenging time with unemployment levels at 14%. While this figure has stabilised over the past few months, a high proportion of those are now on the Live Register for over one year and increasingly distant from the labour market. Providing education and training which helps people return to employment will be a priority for the ETBs, and the new Education and Training Authority, SOLAS when it is established later this year.

‘The establishment of the ETBs represents a significant milestone in the reform underway in further education and training’ said AONTAS Director Berni Brady. ‘The Education and Training Boards will be responsible for the delivery of further education and training, and will report to SOLAS, the Further Education and Training Authority when it is established later this year. These reforms should provide for the better co-ordination and delivery of education and training, which will hopefully benefit adult learners.’ Each year over 180,000 participate in education and training provided by the VECs, from basic adult literacy right through to VTOS (Vocational Training and Opportunities Scheme) and community education. ‘While the service has a role to play in assisting people to get back to work, it must also provide for greater flexibility.'

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